Minecraft Biomes – Everything About Biomes

Let’s discovery Minecraft Biomes!

Minecraft is have some specific biomes in game. This biomes have some unique things. Maybe a dirt or a sand. Who knows, so lets look this biomes in game. Minecraft biomes, here we come!

First biome is Forest. I think forest is most rich biome then others. Some different tree types,  flower types, dirt types and maybe a puddle or a lake. If you have cow or some animal things and you want feed this, you need build a home or something in Forest. The other thing is  other animals. You can see a wolf, dog or kitchen in this biome. Minecraft biomes are most important thing in game. I love Minecraft biomes because biomes are very exciting. Especially forest biome.

minecraft biomes,desert biome

Second biome is Desert. Most  “White” biome ever in game. Dead bush and cacti are everywhere in this biome. You can not feed a cow or any animal things in this biome. You can build a farm of cactus on this biome, if you want. The other thing is NPC Villages. You can see most villages then other biomes.

Our third biome is Plains.  Actually, this biome is a flat and treeless terrain. Include some puddle and mostly npc villages. Same time you can find a kitchen, cow and sheep. Its so easy thing in this biome

Other biome is swampland. Mostly include thick waters and dark dirts in everywhere. Also you can more clay in deep of sand. Same time you can sand for farm of sugar cane. Its good idea for this biome!

Deepest biome is Jungle.  This biome is coming to game in 1.2 update. In this biome, trees are 2 block thickness and 31 block lengthiness. This biome mostly located near to desert biomes. In this biome you can see more green and shades of green. In this biome you can see ivy trees on everywhere and this trees has a plant. This is a Cocoa plant. It’s come to game with Snapshot 12w19a.



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